Cardiobase is a cardiovascular information management system that is central to over 27 hospitals across Australia, UK and New Zealand. Cardiobase provides a complete solution for cardiac departments by combining administration, medical records and powerful analytics to achieve better outcomes for patients and improved hospital efficiency.
Emeritus Research
Emeritus Research is a dedicated clinical medicine research centre, based in Melbourne, providing quality services for Phase I/Ib, Phase II, Phase III & Phase IV clinical trials, including health care/pharmacoeconomic trials.
Jomar Life Research
Jomar Life Research is a leading supplier of quality biological reagents and equipment to Australian and New Zealand researchers. Through strategic sourcing, they provide researchers with Australia’s best pricing and fastest delivery.
Crux Biolab
Crux Biolab is a Melbourne-based contract research organization specializing in ELISAs and multiplex immunoassays for Australian researchers.
BasePair Genomics
BasePair Genomics is an Australian molecular diagnostics company providing services to clinical, research and commercial groups. BasePair Genomics strives to improve healthcare and support personalized medicine through our pharmacogenomics expertise.
Systematic Medicine
Systematic Medicine is a medical practice focused on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and located in Camberwell, Australia. The clinic takes a highly systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment that provides a scientific basis to personal treatment and research into general treatments for IBS.
Total Metrics
Total Metrics is a global leader in software metrics consulting, training and software. Their Scope project sizing software is used by global fortune 500 companies to size, cost, monitor and benchmark their software portfolio.
Smarta Systems
Smarta Systems delivers realtime automation, collaboration and analytics to companies through their Smarta software platform. Smarta connects people and systems together so they can respond to opportunities and threats as they happen.
Leadtec became part of SPS Commerce in October 2014. SPS Commerce is the global leader in retail EDI and supply chain solutions. We believe that the sale of Leadtec to SPS will provide clients and staff with exciting new opportunities.

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